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Where Wealthy, Successful Woman Entrepreneurs Master the Skills to Manifest and Maintain a Fulfilling Soulmate Relationship

It is completely in your power to have the best relationship possible, and you’ve landed here because you’re ready to
finally change the limiting patterns that are keeping you stuck in your love life - for good.

If you’re ready to break the cycles of sabotage (like always attracting or going back to the wrong guy, going into
over-attachment mode, settling for a bull shit lack of commitment, or whatever else you may or may not know that you’re
doing that’s killing your chances for lasting love…) then you have come to the right place.

While I’m not a “matchmaker” (I’m not here to set up your dates for you), I am a badass mindset coach that can help you to effortlessly manifest love and help you to kick your fear-based baggage to the curb.

That’s why women routinely attract and maintain an amazing relationship with the love of their life once they have been exposed to my energy and coaching… even if they’ve never been able to do so before.

Results and Mini Case Studies from Relationship Mindset Work:


”Megan was an important part of my growth personally and professionally over the last few years. I was truly at a breaking point in life. I needed to make a decision about my business, and I wanted to find my partner in life. It wasn't an easy journey, and it took work, but I used Megan's program and guidance as a stepping stone and building block toward that change. With all that work, I was able to eventually find my now husband, and sold my business to an IT firm. I am now in a fulfilling career where the sky is the limit, and building my life with my hubby.”

Manifesting love is just a decision.


After an unhealthy marriage ended in divorce, Catherine was stuck in a pattern of dating all of the wrong men. Learning how to rewire this pattern allowed her to exit this cycle and manifest her long-term happy, fulfilling relationship that’s now leading to marriage.

Ella had always assumed that this guy who she had her eyes on for years wouldn’t be interested in her and was discouraged about her dating prospects. Some deep self-work and internal shifts allowed her to manifest a relationship with the exact guy that she wanted for years and now they’ve been happily coupled for 3 years.


Jane had gotten out of a long-term abusive dynamic and had to shift her identity to be in a healthy relationship. Within 1 week of getting into the dating world, she manifested her now husband.